Graduate students

Aleks Czejdo

… and if you are into academic genealogy, here is our academic tree!

Undergraduate students

Rachel Emrick (honors thesis Spring 2024)

Preston Little

Vimal Palanivelrajan (honors thesis Fall 2023)

Rob Sternquist (honors thesis Spring 2024)

Awards and recognition

UNC Linda Dykstra Science Dissertation Completion Fellowship (K. Morrell, 2022)

UNC Summer Research Fellowship (K. Morrell, 2022)

UNC Hamilton award (K. Morrell, 2021)

UNC Dean’s Graduate Fellowship (Y. Hou, 2021)

UNC Dissertation Completion Fellowship (Y. Hou, 2021)

UNC Summer Award for Research-Intensive Courses for Undergraduate Research (K. Dutcher, 2020)

UNC Dissertation Completion Fellowship (J. McKenney, 2019)

UNC Kenan Graduate Research Grant (J. McKenney, 2019)

UNC Summer Award for Research-Intensive Courses for Undergraduate Research (Y. Zefri, 2018)

UNC Hettleman Award (Joaquín Drut, 2018)

UNC Dissertation Completion Fellowship (Andrew Loheac, 2018)

NSF Honorable Mention (Josh McKenney, 2016)

UNC Royster Fellowship (Casey Berger, 2015)

DOE Fellowship (Casey Berger, 2015)

NSF Honorable Mention (Casey Berger, 2015)

NSF CAREER Award (Joaquín Drut, 2015)

NSF Fellowship (Andrew Loheac, 2014)

NSF Honorable Mention (Andrew Loheac, 2014)


Former group members

Graduate students supervised

Kaitlyn Morrell, Ph.D. 2023

Yaqi Hou, Ph.D. 2022

Casey Berger, Ph.D. 2020

Josh McKenney, Ph.D. 2020

Chris Shill, Ph.D. 2019

Andrew Loheac, Ph.D. 2019

Philip Javernick, M.S. 2017

Jay Porter, Ph.D. 2017

Michael Hoffman, Ph.D. 2017


Undergraduate honors thesis

Aaron Miller, Spring 2023

Austin Blitstein, Spring 2022

Schuyler Moss, Spring 2020

Nick Cariello, Spring 2019

Aleks Czejdo, Spring 2019

Yi Hu, Spring 2019

Tyler Blanton, Spring 2016


Undergraduate research

Nick Carter

Anya Frazer

Grant Scotto

Joy Harrison, Fall 2022

Naomi Ovrutsky, Fall 2022

Kayla Dutcher, 2020-2021

Kean Leung, Summer 2020

Alex Jose, Spring 2019 – Summer 2020

Jared Dechant , Summer 2019

Avery Marsh , Summer 2018

Yasmine Zefri , Spring 2018

Avery Horvath, Spring 2017

Jared Compiano, Spring 2015

Paul Lafosse, Summer 2014

Dhruv Mittal, Spring 2014


High-school students

Claire Laffan, Summer 2017
Northern Guilford High


REU students

Tyler LeBlond
Summer 2015, CAP-REU student
from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

David Gier
Summer 2014, CAP-REU student
from the University of Kansas



Eric R. Anderson
Ph.D. 2012
The Ohio State University.

Juan E. Rolon Soto
Ph. D. 2012
Ohio University