Congratulations Dr. Morrell!

Congratulations to Kaitlyn on passing her Thesis Defense!

The committee was very happy with the presentation as well as the dissertation itself. A large group of students attended and asked lots of good questions too!

Amazing job! Congratulations!

Congratulations to Aleks Czejdo!

Congratulations to Aleks on passing his Thesis Proposal Presentation!

Aleks passed his exam today! He is investigating the hydrodynamic response of strongly coupled matter, specifically how to define and calculate shear and bulk viscosity coefficients.


Congratulations to Kaitlyn Morrell!

Delayed congratulations to Kaitlyn on passing her Thesis Proposal Presentation!

Kaitlyn passed the exam on June 7th. She will be investigating matrix-free Monte Carlo methods for many-fermion systems and also developing a library of observables aimed to generate benchmarks and calculate the thermodynamics of neutron matter.


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